Match Up set #2 ♡

this is mind blowing to think that each frame was drawn out by someone with pure talent


happy second anniversary, b1a4 ♥ i would write about how i remember the beginning and the moment when i knew i would be your fan but everyone else will do that. i don’t have much to say apart from this: i love you with all my heart. all of you have brought so much to me, from happiness to hope to simply good music to listen to. you’ve made me laugh, cry, made me proud and made me angry but i don’t regret a thing about any of it. each and every one of you is special, talented, beautiful inside and out. if only you realized how many lives you’ve saved, not only mine but a lot of other people’s lives, just by being true to yourselves, you’d understand just how much you deserve the love you’re receiving. i say you’re my angels and i couldn’t possibly think of a word more appropriate. your dedication to what you do, your smiles that never fade, your love for your fans and your friendship are things i admire and wish will survive all the hardships that may come your way. jung jinyoung, shin dongwoo, lee junghwan, cha sunwoo and gong chansik, i hope the future only brings you more success, love, and that your dreams continue to come true. happy anniversary ♥

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+  favourite photoshoot of B2ST┇soshi6east



2 successful years have passed, many more successful years will come. congrats Jung Jinyoung, Shin Dongwoo, Lee Junghwan, Cha Sunwoo and Gong Chanshik. thanks for being so special, talented and unique. let’s fly high together

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“to me, singing really makes me feel the happiest”